Please read our forum rules before you register!

This is a free forum for anyone to use and as long as you follow the rules you will be welcome here. The forum does not ask much as far as rules but to keep things on a level basis there needs to be at least a few guidelines.

(1) Simply put, calling other people names and publicly questioning their integrity is not helpful in any way so please refrain.

(2) Posting sultry pics of girls is fine but please do not post porn here. Everyone knows where to find it.

(3) NO POLITICS!!! There are forums for that and this is not the one.

(4) There is no advertising for businesses here.

(5) We are all adults here and if someone has a bad day we won’t hold a grudge; but if you think you are going to come here and just be a total a-hole it will be short lived.

(6) We reserve the right to end or delete any post or thread that we see in need of such actions and you agree to this.

By registering here you agree to these rules and any other rules that may be added as seen needed by Admin.

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