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Welcome to the best Shovelhead forum on the net. The main goal here is discussion about Harley Davidson Shovelhead maintenance, restoration and customization but discussion about other bikes or even what you did today is welcome!

Temperamental at best in their original form these old bikes are now well supported by the aftermarket to make them into viable daily transportation. Here we like to talk about the things we have seen on other bikes and done to our own to get these old machines to do things they were never intended to. From beautiful paintwork to engines that produce twice or more than the original power, it can be a lot of fun to experience once you have done it yourself. We aim to provide a comradery to achieve this goal that many of us could not on our own.


Links to useful Shovelhead tools:

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Compression Calculator

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Service Manuals for download

Easyrider’s Tech Tips


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